Monday, January 31, 2011

Extra Credit Blog!

Topic A:
Would you rather be an ionic or covalent compound and why?

1. Cate C.
     "Because I want to be attracted to an opposite." 
2. Katherine T. 
    " Because it is the strongest bond."
3. Michelle K.  
    " Because I can have a high melting/boiling point."
4. Marcy A. 
    " Because I don't like to leave anyone out."
5. Emily S. 
     " Because I love to share!" 
6. Sahil V. 
    "Because I don't like to share." 
7. Paxton S. 
    " Because I'm all about metal."
8. Cyrus G. 
    "Because network solids are the strongest." 
9. Mrs. V
   " Because they have the prettiest colors."
10. Puja M. 
     " Because they are stronger and harder to break."
11. Kellye M. 
      " Because they can be gases, so I could fly." 
12. Emily K. 
     " Because I would be strong and not be able to be broken." 
13. Morgan C. 
     " Just to be different." 
14. Christiana B. 
      " Because I want to be strong." 
15. Lauren S. 
     " Because I don't know how to share." 

Topic B: 
Haiku about how electrons behave when covalent compounds are formed. 

Electrons are shared 
Atoms are held together 
Like a tug-o-war 


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